Group Booking


Travelling together becomes more exciting with SkyjetAirTravel's Group Booking

If you are planning to book for more than 9 passengers then we have a simple channel through which you can book. Customized fare options given by SkyjetAirTravel in group bookings not only enable you to get the best in class experience but save time & money. Get the widest range of flight options to largest number of destinations across the world. With the help of user Skyjet’s user friendly flight search options, you can select the destination of your choice, dates and run the search to get the widest range of flight options to choose from. Planning your travel atleast 10 days in advance and choosing convenient payment channels like credit card, debit card or online transfer will smoothen booking process to much extent.

Group Booking

Family Group Booking

If you are planning to travel with your family members and are looking for a group booking option for party, leisure or vacation trip. Look no further, Skyjet allows you to seamlessly book more than 9 passengers at the same time. Now partying with family and friends at your favourite destination has become much easier with Skyjet.

Leisure Group Booking

Whether you are planning for leisure tour booking with your team, colleagues or family group then take advantage of the Skyjet group booking program. We will stretch ourselves to offer you the best-in-class services and instant booking at competitive rates, lowest deposit, and fastest turnaround.

Incentive Group Booking

Promoting or rewarding your employees with a group booking tour has become much simpler with Skyjet group booking program. Skyjet offers instant group booking for more than 9 members with extravagant experience of group booking at the cheapest flight rates and many more benefits.

Business Group Booking

Planning to have a joint meeting with all your distributors, resellers or business partners at single location then choose Skyjet group booking program which enables instant booking for more than 9 members at cost-effective flight rates. Skyjet group booking offers seamless customer and travel experience to all your members.

Contact Us

  • Contact our customer care with the destination details you want to travel and flight number as well as number of passengers.
  • For any kind of assistance you can contact our customer service agents at 0207 183 4991 from Monday thru Friday at 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • If you have flexible dates, then you can fill out the form and our executives will get in touch with you.

Flight Group Booking

  • The flight rates will be quoted based on the current seats availability
  • Guests need to make the payment of non-refundable fees for each member
  • Guest should be adhere to all the terms and conditions of the group booking


  • Make payments through any convenient channels like credit card, debit card, cash payments or netbanking.
  • In case you are making a cash payment then the receipt of the payment should be faxed to our Skyjet Group Booking fax number 0845 230 4575.
  • Company cheques will be accepted with subject to clearance.

Terms & Conditions

  • Group bookings are governed by specific terms & conditions.

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