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It's one of the busiest route to Dubai from London, to make your journey bit easy we at SkyJet Air Travel offer search options so you can compare prices offered different airlines and book reasonable rate flight tickets., UK. When you are travelling abroad its difficult and time consuming to book low cost flights and hotels, but with Skyjet Air Travels we offers cheap flights and also offer good discount on hotel booking. We also offer flight comparison for all airlines flying to DXB airport from LON airport. Book your trip with Skyjet Air Travel and we ensure you will get best airfares. Please get in touch with us if you need any kind of help regarding your trip and ticket booking.


Dubai is considered to be the heart of the UAE. It is one of the seven emirates which make United Arab Emirates (UAE) and it is one of the busiest airports in the world. In fact the terminal 3 of Dubai Airport is the largest building in the world with respect to the floor space as well as largest airport terminal in the world. If you wish to get cheap flight tickets then plan your travel in advance. Best tim e to visit there is during the Winter or Spring.

Best ways to find cheap flights to Dubai from London?

  • Search and compare prices for all airlines – Budget airlines often offer really cheap flights to Dubai from London. However, keep a note that some of these tickets come with compromises (Non refundable fares and date change fees apply)
  • Call for special offers – Travel agents who are sending passengers to Dubai from London frequently, have special discounted rates.
  • Book early if you are traveling in high season or during school holidays to get a great deal.
  • Book last-minute flights during low season - Airlines usually drop prices when they can not fill flights with passengers for an upcoming trip to Dubai from London.
  • Depart on Wednesday - This is the least busy day with the most available seats for Dubai. And, empty seats mean lower prices.
  • Find Round-up trip from London to Dubai – Round-up tickets are cheaper than charter flights.

How much time flights to Dubai from London take?

A direct flight from London to Dubai takes around 6 hours and 45 minutes. However, the flying time may vary depending on the circumstances.

What’s the frequency of flights from London to Dubai?

More than 15 flights per day depart from London to Dubai.

Which days are cheap for ticket booking from London to Dubai?

Many studies show that booking a flight on weekdays will get you the cheapest tickets. However, if you fly from London to Dubai the best day for booking a ticket is Tuesday.

Choose SkyJet Air Travel Services

SkyJet offer you flights that vary from the most luxurious business class to the cheapest economy class. SkyJet provide you an opportunity to select cheap flights to Dubai from London even at the last minute. Additionally, all the information like departure time, arrival time, flight status, check-ins, etc. are readily available on our website. So, it is really easy for you to compare the prices and services of our flights.

If you are interested in getting the fastest, safest, and cheapest flights to Dubai from London, SkyJet is definitely the right choice for you.

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