Quick Handy Tips for Those Travelling To Thailand for Vacations and Holidays


Quick Handy Tips for Those Travelling To Thailand for Vacations and Holidays

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Thailand is the tourism hub of South East Asia region. Millions of people travel to Thailand each year to relax and enjoy. Several tourists haveactually found the place so suitable and amicable that they have settled with families. Very few places in the world have all the natural locations like beaches, mountains, forests, etc. at one location. Thailand is one of these locations where you can find all at one place. The best thing about Thailand is the cost of living. Whether you are from US, UK, Australia, Europe, Middle East or India, you will find Thailand pretty cheaper than other tourist destinations. I have been coming to Thailand since 2005 and I find this place really amazing. Being a westerner, I feel like at home in Thailand and I very much like the weather, food and people. For those who are planning to travel to Thailand, here are few tips which can be helpful to you.

Thailand Visa and Travel


The best thing about travelling to Thailand is you do not need any visa. It may sound too unrealistic but the fact is you can avail 90 days of arrival visa as soon as you land in Thailand at nominal rate of 10000 Baht. There are few countries for which 30 days of arrival visa is provided but that can be extended if you want to increase you stay in Thailand. You can find more information from www.thaiembassy.com. You need return ticket for the approval of arrival visa. I found the cheapest Thailand flight tickets from SkyjetAirTravel.co.uk which is a good travel and flight tickets booking website that offers at cheap and discounted rates. Carry at least 15000 baht in local currency before you reach Thailand.

Accommodation in Thailand

Accommodation Thailand

Another exciting thing about Thailand is you can find cost-effective and cheap accommodation as little as 300 THB. I normally use the SkyjetAirTravel.co.uk for booking my hotel bookings and accommodation services. You can also find cheap travel package on this website. For my special day with my loved one we booked a bungalow nearby the beach for just 1500 THB. If you have been waiting for the right location and time to propose your loving partner then I recommend you to take a trip to Thailand and explore the places. You will not only fall in love with your partner again but the place also.

Food and Cuisines in Thailand

Food and Cuisines

Food is also pretty cheap and good in Thailand. Tourists and natives in Thailand mostly prefer street food. At a cost effective rate of 35-50 THB you can find a good meal rather than stuffing yourself with western dishes like pizza, pasta, or burgers. If you are planning to stay longer then you need not store grocery or cook food. Just walk around nearby market and enjoy a filling meal at cheap rates.

Thailand Places to visit and Transportation


Thailand is blessed with so many beautiful places that will just leave you awestruck. Right from exciting beaches to jungle trekking, floating cinema to floating markets and old Buddhist temples, you can actually keep exploring until you are tired. The transportation from one place to another is pretty cheap. There are several options like cabs, tuk-tuk and trains. You should take the boat ride to market and explore the places. It is simply impeccable experience. Your daily tour cost will not cost more than 1000-1500 THB, i.e. 30-50 USD per day.

Few money saving tips that I would like recommend are:

  • Choose your accommodation at the centre of the city so you can easily stay connected to all tourist locations
  • East street food than opting for high cost restaurants unless you are hygiene phobic
  • Enjoy happy hours at famous bars and discotheques
  • Make your night more exciting at the night bars, just don’t get addicted
  • Plan your travel in advance and make complete arrangements of travel, accommodation and local tours using good website like SkyjetAirTravel.co.uk
  • If you are not bag packing and travelling with family then I recommend use complete Thailand tour package


I hope the above information is useful to you and helps during your travel. Let me know if you would like to know specific information about any place or location and we would love to get back. If you happen to find something unique during your Thailand tour then do keep us posted. Sa-wad-dee-ka!

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