Cheap Flights to Antigua from London


Cheap Flights to Antigua from London

Now booking online flight tickets to Antigua from London and other origin becomes much easier and faster with Skyjet. As we work with several travel agents and airline websites, we are able to deliver the latest flight status and information to you quickly. At Skyjet, you can find all the flight options to your desired destination in single go. With Skyjet you can also expect discount offers on various flights to Antigua from London and enjoy your air trip at minimal cost. If you are looking for cheap flight tickets, then you can choose options with one or more stopovers. The ticket rates of direct flights will be slightly higher. antigua

Best Things About Antigua

Antigua is one of the most beautiful and popular islands in the Caribbean region. When you land at the Antigua, you will actually arrive at a small island known as Waladii. The name ‘Waladli’ or ‘Wadadli’ is the common name of Antigua, given by the native population. Each year, thousands and millions of travellers visit Antigua to enjoy and explore newer locations. With exciting beaches and attractive sea locations, Antigua is an all-time-favourite destination for most people. If you are planning to book flight tickets from London to Antigua then do not forget to check the weather before travelling. While visiting Antigua, check out the local delicacies, festivals, and cultural events. Its a complete power packed holiday destination.

Culture, Cuisines and Climate in Antigua

Being an island region, Antigua temperature is warm all round the year. Due to the moist and warm temperature, the climate is quite variable in Antigua. The local Caribbean cuisines and delicacies are famous for making dishes combined with rum and West Indian curry. During the summer carnival, the St. John’s street turns into a street party with parades. The locals are fun loving and friendly people so you can expect a good company with them. Those are fond of water sports and rainforests, Antigua is your ideal destination where you have several options for sailing, water boating, snorkeling and much more. Even the nightlife is vibrant in Antigua, so if you like live music, dancing, casinos and wines, then just book the flight tickets right now!

Best Time to Fly

As such there is no specific time to visit Antigua, but yes, before visiting Antigua, check out the events and festivals so that you can enjoy as part of your tour. You can visit at any time during the year, but July and August are the peak time when most of the travellers visit Antigua. It is the holiday season when people get time off from their busy schedule and come to the white sandy beach location. While returning from Antigua, people return with lots of memories, photos and exciting stories to share. To book cheap flights to Antigua from London use our search options and select airlines that best match with your requirements.

What are the best possibilities for cheap flights from London to Antigua?

If you are looking for cheap flights from London to Antigua, you are in the right place to learn about. Sky Jet Air Travel, is an excellent travel agency which offers cheap flights from London to Antigua. Here are the most common ways for booking cheap flights from London to Antigua:
  • Be flexible about different traveling options
  • Book a few months early
  • Travel during weekdays
  • Choose the right class

How long will be the flight from London to Antigua?

The flight time from London to Antigua is approximately 8 hours long for a direct flight, if you fly from the nearest airports. Accordingly, the timing may vary due to different time zones or changing weather conditions.

What is the number of flights from London to Antigua?

Accordingly, there are more than 5 flights per day from all of the airports in London to Antigua. However, it depends on the season, as the most of the flights take a turn in summer.

Are there any preferred days for booking a cheap ticket from London to Antigua?

Yes, of course. There are preferred days for booking cheap flight tickets from London to Antigua. According to some studies, they include the weekdays during all of the seasons, except summer because the most of the passengers like to travel during the summer season.

What are the advantages of flying with SkyJet Air Travel?

  • Different class flights (luxurious, business, economy)
  • The services for flight booking are free of charge
  • Offers cheap flights to Antigua
  • Best overall experience
  • Best options to travel

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