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Best Things About Rome

Rome is one of the most beautiful and attractive location in the world. It is not only the centre of Europe but also the most visited tourist location globally. It has several tourist spots that even a week will be less to spend in Rome. For those who love history, sophistication and decent food, there is no place on earth like Rome. Needless to introduce Rome, but for those who do not know, Rome is the centre from where the famous Roman Empire and Roman Catholicism initiated. This city is also known as the Eternal City for its style and charm it has. Rome has the world's largest open air museum. There are several major attractions in Rome like the Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, Pantheum, Roman Forum and the Spanish Steps.

Culture, Cuisines and Climate in Rome

Rome has rich culture and heritage which is simply visible from its architecture, religions, music, art and history. The roman style of designing, art and architecture is world famous till date. You can find a wide range of mouth watering cuisines across the nation. Churches and Museums are in large numbers in Rome. The heritage of western world is clearly visible in the priceless artworks. The modern city is full of buzz and advanced infrastructure. As Rome experiences Mediterranean climate it has hot summers and cool winters. Rome gets enough amount of sunlight so winters are not as short as in the northern part of the continent. Choosing Skyjet will help you to save good amount of money on cheaper flights which you can spend on the famous tourist spots.

Best Time to Fly Rome

As Rome has comfortable summer climate, it is the peak time (June to August) when most of the tourists travel Europe. With the increasing temperature, the room rates and flight rates also increases. You will find lot of tourist crowd in all over the city. If you are planning to save money on hotel rooms and cheaper flight tickets then choose winter. Rome is less crowded during this period and with falling temperature, the room rates and flight rates are also decreased. Although making early planning with help you in getting additional early bird discounts. Get the best travel deals, only on Skyjet.

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