Credit Card Policy


Debit/Credit Cards Policy

In our constant efforts to fight credit card fraud on the Internet additional documentation is required If:
1. The Card holder is not Identified by the Banks 3D Online Security process.
2. The Passenger is not the cardholder. (3rd party Credit cards)
3. The credit card is not registered in the United Kingdom
4. The journey originates outside of the U.K.
5. The card is being used from abroad

The following items are required by email:
1. Banks Transaction Authorisation Code
2. Cardholders are requested to call their card companies to Verify any Random part payment amounts charged.
3. Copy of Credit card both front and back.
4. Recent utility bill or Credit card statement as proof of address.
5. CVC code (the last 3 digits at the back of the card on the signature strip)

Sky Jet Ltd reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel any order we believe may be fraudulent.

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