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If you are planning to book flight tickets to Winnipeg from London then you need to understand the flight ticket rates are often adjusted based on the time of year you travel. The flight ticket rates slightly fluctuate during specific seasons and major events. Most of the users spend lot of time on various websites and travel agent portals to find cheaper flight tickets to Winnipeg. Instead of visiting different websites and tracking all of them, get access to all the available flight options on Skyjet. All you need to do is just enter the destination details with desired date of travel and run the search. Hundreds of flight options will be listed with different exit locations, compare the flight options and select the one that best suits your requirements. Choose Skyjet and avail the best online travel deals.


Best Things About Winnipeg

Most of the international flights arrive at the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richards International Airport. It is one of the most beautiful and chosen location for water sport lovers. Though it is bit remotely located but Winnipeg is a modern cultural hub. The city has several art galleries, theatres, restaurants and sports centres. Some of the major attractive places in Winnipeg are the Royal Manitoba, Opera Venues, Art House, golf courses, and the theatre for Young People. Those who love sports should not miss to meet the ice hockey team and American football team. There are many transportation facilities in Winnipeg so you can hire taxi or choose to walkover the tourist locations. Using the walkway system helps in getting respite for the cool winter season.

Culture, Cuisines and Climate in Winnipeg

As the primary business of Winnipeg is fishing, you can find a wide range of seafood and fish dishes across the city. In fact Winnipeg local cuisines are famous across Canada. The smoked goldeye dish of Winnipeg is one of the famous dishes it is known for. Winnipeg has a rich culture and heritage and it is the hub for several museums, music organizations, theatres and dance groups. The climate in Winnipeg is cold continental climate and it is normally cool all round the year. The summers are warm but the winters can be brutal at times. Heavy snowfall and snow depths up to 1 cm can be seen during the winter seasons. Warnings are issued by weather forecasters during high wind speed conditions.

Best Time to Fly

The comfortable time to visit Winnipeg actually depends on the purpose of your visit. If you are interested to enjoy the ice sports then the best time is winter. Even if you are interested in participating in the winter festivals then winter is the best time to visit Winnipeg. If you are planning for vacation with your family then you should opt for summer seasons. During May to September months you can enjoy fishing and hiking opportunities. Choose Skyjet and let us find you the cheapest package deal to Winnipeg from London.

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