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Whether you are travelling to Toronto, Alberta or British Columbia, there are several cheap flights to Canada. From winter sports to lakes waters and mountains to islands, there are many amazing places in Canada, where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. Using the flight search option on our site, you can run a search to any location from your destination. There are many direct flights, and single or two stop over flights depending on your journey. Direct flights to Canada can be bit higher priced than single or double stop over flights. Single stop over flights to Canada saves money but direct flights Canada can save your time. Depending on your requirements and itinerary choose the flight options.

About Canada

Canada is one of the most amazing countries in the world with great outdoors and same land size as Russia. Most of the population of Canada stays in the south region of the country along the border of US. Some of the major regions in the East zone are Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa which has beautiful lakes, rivers, Atlantic coasts and national parks. When you move to the West region, you will see mesmerizing beaches of Vancouver and islands like Victoria. Ideal for road and ferry trip, you can also find number of cheap flights to Canada to large cities like Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. All these famous cities of Canada are well developed, safe and very clean. Top of all, Canadians are easy going and fun loving people who know how to make life easier. There are many options of public transport with several city centres.

Climate in Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world with a variety of places to visit and vacation. If you visit the western province of British Columbia for slopes and coasts, you will find amazing mountains scenery where the climate ranges from long days to wintry nights. Similarly, if you are heading to Quebec and Montreal region then you will have warm summer seasons. Toronto has warmer summer seasons as well. The extreme winter climate is part of Canada’s climate, but when you wish to escape the chilly winters, enjoy the warm summers in Ottawa. It snows in the month of October and temperatures drop to zero.

Best Time to Fly to Canada

The peak and off-peak season of the Canada depends on purpose of your visit to Canada. For those who are interested in winter sports, the best time to visit Canada is starting from November to end of March. If you wish to fly Canada for vacationing or outing like camping, caravanning, etc. then the best time is to visit during May to September month. The price range of flights to Canada is higher during the summer season, so if you wish to find cheap first class flights to Canada or Business class flights to Canada, then the best time is to choose during January or February.

Other Travel Options in Canada

The distance between the cities in Canada is vast, so choosing economic cheap flight options to various cities in Canada is the best option. Apart from the flight options, there are car and public transport facilities which you can opt for. Using the Canada Rail Pass, you can travel to different locations. The pass is valid for 12 days for travelling anywhere in Canada. Another best option is renting a car, which can be availed from different airports. To book cheap flight tickets to Canada, choose Skyjet Air Travel services. Call us 0207 183 4991 or drop us an email at and our executives will soon get in touch with you.

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