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The main airport of Bangkok is Suvarnabhumi Airport which is also known as the New Bangkok International airport. All the international flights arrive at the main airport. It is the arrival point for famous and beautiful destinations like Phuket, Koh Samui and several other locations. You can find cheap flights to Bangkok all round the year. Due to its colourful night life, fast pace of living and unforgettable holiday experience, people from all over the world love to visit. For getting the best travel deals and cheap flights, choose Sky Jet Air Travel Services. We help you to find the best travel deals, assist with customized holiday plan and find you the best option for flights and accommodation.

About Bangkok

Bangkok is a metropolis with very friendly and cooperative people. You can enjoy the best hospitality compared to any part in the world. The cost of food and accommodation is also very less. Attractive nightlife, exciting beaches and colourful culture are some of the main reasons why people fall in love. Millions of people visit this city every year. It can also be considered that the major income is based on the tourism. You can find several shopping locations and historic locations. It is also a common stop over for several flights. At their several hotel accommodation facilities and easy travel options.

Climate in Bangkok

The simple two words which describes the climates in Bangkok is Hot and Wet. During the monsoon season, i.e. from May -November, you can good amount of rainfall. The highest rainfall is during the month of October. If you wish to visit during the dry season then it is November to May. The summer is pretty hot and highest temperature is during March to May. The dry season is the peak season when most of the people would love to visit. If you are looking for cheap flight tickets to Bangkok then it is better to skip the peak seasons.

Best Time To Fly to Bangkok

Though most of the people love to visit during the dry season, i.e. May to November. The temperature is lowest during the February and March also. So, if you wish to plan your travel then you can plan during these two months also. As such there is no specific time to visit. You can easily skip the peak season rates and get the best travel deals during the off-peak season. Holidays in Bangkok goes on all round the year and you will find several events here to add to your itinerary.

Other travel options in Bangkok

As soon as you arrive at the New Bangkok International airport, you can find several options to reach your destination. There are local buses, trains and subway for transport. Depending on the location you wish to travel you can hire the cab or choose taxi. If you need to travel longer distance then train or subway is the reliable transport options. You can also travel by boat to certain locations. There are around 30 stops while travelling via boat on the Chao Praya river. Instead of the road chaos, travelling via boat is also a great option!

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